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Useful Links (non - Tai Chi Sites)

Psi Thinking - NLP / Business Consultancy
Psi Thinking

Psi Thinking is able to provide a range of consultancy, and developmental services drawing on the skills of a unique range of remarkable people. All the practitioners excel in their fields, and mix natural ability, professional training and real life experience to provide powerful techniques that produce excellent results.

NLP is a great way to boost confidence and self-esteem, and works extremely well combined with physical training like tai chi or martial arts to give the body a great boost.

Dinner and Drinks
Dinner and drinks . co . uk

Fun, Food and Good Company for Stylish Single People like you...

Dinner and Drinks offers single people the opportunity to meet new people. Dinner and Drinks organises dinner parties for 4 single men and 4 single women who have compatible social interests and backgrounds, providing various venues for our Dinner and Drinks members to: 1) Create new friendships, 2) Relationships 3) Expand their social network 4) Dine in some of central London's finest restaurants and bars.

Future Perfect
future perfect

Personal training, from a team of great sports professionals.

Simple Idea
Simple Idea
  A Simple Idea helping to make Big Differences

Sometimes all it takes is a simple idea to make a big difference. This is one of them. Currently Simple Idea can offer you:

Domain Name registration
Web Hosting
Web Design
Logo Design


These sites have proved useful to us and our students, we hope they will be of use to you too.

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