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Photo Gallery

British Open (1996)
This photo is taken mid way through a throw in the semi-final of the fixed step pushing hands during the 1996 British Open. This photo shows the effect of rooting, as I have successfully deflected his attack, rooting through my right leg, and so enabling my counter attack from a position of balance. I went on to win 3 Gold medals in the moving & fixed step pushing hands.
Training in Cranbrook
This photo shows a move in the sabre form, taken during training in Cranbrook with Katherine. This photo shows the line of the postures from heel to head, and from shoulder to hand. The lines of the postures are integral to effective body dynamics, and hence Tai Chi.
Training in Maldives
These are some photos from the training in the maldives. The setting was perfect, and it made a great place to eat well, breathe fresh air, swim, relax and think.

Here is a small selection of photograpgs taken at competitions and during training.

Each photo demonstrates an aspect of tai chi - the fluidity, structure or simplicity.

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