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Psi Tai Chi

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Psi Tai Chi - Tai Chi as it’s meant to be

Psi Tai Chi is the integration of the ancient Eastern art of Tai Chi with the modern Western understanding of psychology and NLP, and the evolution and culmination of over 20 years of study.

Tai Chi always had at its core three elements of training: Mind, Body and Spirit. These attributes come through the elements of Tai Chi, which encourage health, self-defence/martial, and meditation aspects.

The heart of Tai Chi lies with a clear focussed mind, which is able to react instinctively and with awareness. The connection of that mind with the body is the next step, until the body and mind move as one.

There is a clear synergy with the benefits of NLP, which enables people to bring themselves into strong mental states, have anchors to return to those states, and also to model the states of other people.

By combining the strengths and depth of experience of both, we have been able to create a more focussed, effective art and teaching method. This enables you to gain the benefits of stress management / mental awareness / physical control / self-defence quicker and to a deeper level, than by traditional methods.

By channelling all your energy into one action, you are much more likely to have success, whether that be in the mental or physical arena.

Isn't it incredible what you can achieve what you set your clear mind to accomplish it.

Remember anything is possible.

Si won 3 gold medal in the British Tai Chi Open in 1996, just two years after starting to learn Tai Chi, astounding all and was told he could teach by the senior instructor in Europe after just 3 years.

For each person there is a path that will take you most swiftly to your goal.

Only you can tell if this way is yours to go.

All paths are equal, and all are good.

Choose, you have nothing to lose.

Tai Chi Si