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Welcome to Psi Tai Chi - Tai Chi as it's meant to be

Psi Tai Chi is practical effective intelligent Tai Chi Chuan. A martial art ideal for the modern age. It is unique in bringing a highly effective practical martial art together with a style of training that stimulates the student to grow, learn and adapt their own unique backgrounds. This enables them to master the secrets of this ancient art far faster than traditional methods, and allows the gift of tai chi to be passed on.

Train with a Triple British Gold Medallist for health, self defence or meditation. Our instructors are also highly skilled in NLP, Coaching, motivation techniques, and will enable you to achieve results more effectively than traditional classes. For this reason we prefer to work on 1-1, or small group training, until students have achieved at least an intermediate skill level.

Training Seminars / Workshops

Every 2-3 months we run 2-3 hour training sessions on Saturdays/Sundays. Cost from £25-50 per person. These introduce Tai Chi and cover short form, Chi kung, self defence, pushing hands and chi sau. Places will be limited so for more details and to confirm your place please call email with your details.

Training occurs in Rotherhithe, in King Charles' Stairs Park (SE16 4JL in Clothing: T-shirt, trainers, tracksuit / shorts. Clothing should be comfortable, warm and enable movement. Bring a bottle of water, jumper.

One-One / Small Groups' Training Available

Whether you are a complete beginner, a competent practitioner keen to develop your Tai Chi skills in a practical fashion, or an external martial artist keen to experience one of the "internal" arts. Let us create a session tailored for you. Sessions from £50.

Maldives/Thailand Training a Complete Success - 2007

Two weeks in the Maldives training on beautiful beaches proved the perfect setting for meditation, getting back to core fitness and sharing ideas with some talented practitioners from China and Italy (photos)

A month travelling and training in Thailand in Autumn 2005 (Koh Samui) and Chiang Mai, proved a spiritual and physical retreat. We will defintely be going back.

As a result Si is keen to work out a suitable location/time/cost for anyone looking to train/holiday either back in the Maldives, Thailand or at another suitable location.. (Ireland/France anyone.. (not as sunny but easier on the bank balance)


We have a few openings for people of any standard who would be keen to train up with a view to doing demonstrations. If you're interested please drop us an email, including your background and photos.

Simon Tai Chi

Triple British Gold Medallist
TCUGB and BCCMA Registered Instructor

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